Friday, February 19, 2010


When I first started looking into college, I was on the phone a lot with my advisors. There was one day my inspirational support advisor called and was talking to me about my college credits and things of that sort. I was sitting in the room with my sister and her husband when she called and seen no need to leave the room. I was sitting on my sisters bed, on the phone, and my sister was trying to get a battery out of one of her vibrators. She very loudly called Chad to come HELP HER GET THE BATTERIES OUT OF THE STUPID VIBRATOR....

Yes. while I am on the phone with someone from the college. Wonderful. Well it got silent for a second and then I hear her burst into laughter on the other end of the phone. I was glad to know that it was all ok. I told her about my sister reviewing sex toys, because she asked, but I failed to tell her about my affiliations with process. I didn't see a need for it because it has nothing to do with college or anything like that.

A few weeks ago I let my sister use my Eden Fantasys gift card so that she would have a little extra money to spend on stuff for her awesome anniversary trip. I wasn't really concerned with her repaying me because I was kind of gifting it to her for her anniversary. Well, today my sister came across an awesome blowout sale. We were browsing through the awesome toys, and amazing prices, then agreed that she would buy me one in repayment of the gift card.

We settled on this. It's a beauty and I was excited about getting it.

I was logged into YahooIM. I looked through my online contacts to make sure that none of my college advisors were online so that I knew if it was safe to post an update about my new toy or not. I seen no one on except for my best friend and another friend that knows about my P3x (personal pleasure parties). I try to keep my personal life separate from my public life, and my public life includes college.

I was wrong.

Two seconds after I posted 'YAY! a new sex toy on the way' my financial aid advisor IM'd me and said


I turned blood red from embarrassment mixed with shock, and replied to his concerned question.

Me: 'Sorry. I didn't know you were online :( '

Him: 'hahaha It's all good'

Me: 'I really try not to post things like that when you are on..Now I am embarrassed.'

Him: 'Why'

Me:' I am so so so sorry. I don't think this email address of yours is on my messenger list. I didn't know. I didn't expect you to comment on it so now I am blood red and my sister is laughing at me telling me that I done a great job of outing myself.'

No response from him for like ten minutes

Me 'What are you doing besides embarrassing people like me?'

Him: 'Working....and reading things that make me love my job like what you posted.'

Me: 'Thanks a bundle. Am I gonna have to cut your tongue out or are you gonna keep your mouth closed about this to the rest of the advisors I work with?'

Him: 'It's our little secret, unless you cross me sometime in the future, then i'll be forced to tell the world and reveal your plan to take over the world one sex toy at a time.'

Me: 'Fair enough'

The conversation continued and I ended up telling him that I am a sex toy reviewer and that I am proud of it, I just didn't want it to interfere with my schooling.

I feel much better knowing that he is so cool about it. He also has a great sense of humor, so I feel that the next time we talk he will be teasing me about it.
I'll have to make sure that I am careful from now on. There is no telling who is hiding behind their 'invisible' option on their IM.

I laughed about this incident for nearly thirty minutes. Every time I looked at my computer, and every time I thought about it I just started grinning. This day goes down in my personal history book. It will never be forgotten. :D