Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blood Red Embarrassment. Literally.

My face was cherry, well blood red from such embarrassment.

'I'm so sorry'

 I had never had anything like that happen to me in my life. It has always been hard to embarrass me about something like that seeing as how my dad and brothers were always so comfortable with it growing up. There were never any rude comments, or questions about panties in the trash. My dad done most of the laundry and he never had as issue when it came to messy pants when I got home from school. In fact my eleventh grade year was spent in the nurses office waiting until my dad or mom got there to pick me up so that I could go home and clean off the blood from my knees. Literally. I learned to be fine with bleeding so much. There was nothing I could do to control it, so I just dealt with it. 

My period has changed drastically. My sister bought me a Diva Cup for Christmas and it couldn't have been a better present.  Even though for the first three days of my period I have to wear a pad AND the cup, it makes it a lot easier to handle messes. 

It's my period week. Fun. On top of it being my week to bleed like a 'stuck pig' (in the words of my sister), I have been kinda wishy washy about this new guy that I have been talking to. So I invited him over to stay the night so that we could talk and get to know one another a little more. He has been trying to get to know me and date him but I haven't had the time with work and family, so I figured I would see where the night would take us. He came to spend the night with me the first night I started my period. We stayed up all night talking about life and how things tend to work out for us. I must say it was nice to just talk.

He came back last night. We have been talking for a while, and I haven't been rushing for a relationship. We are both on the same page as far as that goes. 

We went to the room and I told him about some of the things that goes on behind closed doors. He didn't know very much about my masturbation habit nor the fact that I had toys. He then started teasing me and tickling me.  He joked about what I did with each toy, and how I done it. We started wrestling on the bed, and ended up on the floor. I pinned him down and we were kissing. Then it happened. with all of the commotion over the lat few hours I had forgotten to check my diva cup. I wasn't wearing a pad because I typically don't need one after the first couple of days and I figured it wouldn't be attractive to wear one with the plans I had for the night. He already knew I was on my period, and had no problems with it. But he wasn't ready for me to bleed all over his crotch...Yes. My diva cup had leaked and I bled on his khaki pants, right on his crotch. It was soo embarrassing. 

I wouldn't have been so shy about it had I just bled on my clothes, but I bled on him. I felt terrible.

I kept apologizing and trying to figure out what to say about something like that. I mean, My sister never taught me how to deal with that kind of situation.  I didn't think they existed. I didn't know what to do. I thought he was pissed.

After feeling like a fool and looking for the right words, he pulled his pants off and threw them at me smiling.

 'Anything to get me out of my pants, huh? All you had to do was ask.'

I started giggling and he asked me if I would put his pants, and my messy clothes in the washing machine before they stained and he couldn't get the blood out. I sighed with relief, went to the bathroom, washed off, changed clothes and then started a load of laundry at 3am. 

I went back to the room, he hugged me and told me it was ok. We laughed about it, and went on with the rest of our business.

It's definitely a night I'll never forget.