Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I have been MIA for quite a while. I stopped posting around the time of my promotion at work  due to a lack of time management on my part, and an unsteady schedule at work.  Since I was last heard from I have:
  • ü Fell in love
  • ü Moved out of my sister’s house and into an apartment with my boyfriend (and brother)
  • ü Got a dog
  • ü Bought a truck
  • ü Bought a car
  • ü Moved out of our apartment in town and into a house in the country ( kicked out my brother and allowed his brother to stay)
  • ü Turned 20!!!
  • ü Got rid of his brother
  • ü Told my family about his daughter
  • ü Started college
  • ü Allowed his best friend to room with us (split rent)
  • ü Buried my dog
  • ü Finished and passed my first semester in college.

  • o   Trying to get rid of his best friend nicely and get through Christmas.

Quickest summary of life in a year I’ve ever done. I look forward to writing and reviewing once again. Now that I have had a little more practice with time management, I’m sure it will be a little easier to squeeze in my blog. =)
I will be doing some remodeling so please be patient. I am getting all of the old stuff off and putting up the new stuff. I look forward to posting, and I’ll see you soon!